Thursday, 17 December 2015

Who should you call in a plumbing crisis

Plumbing problems are particularly frustrating and aggravating. A leaky faucet or a broken drain can cause a lot of damage to the surrounding floor and wall if it is not taken care of in time. The water will seep into the cracks and ruin the plaster and tiles.

Whether a plumbing problem like this occurs at home or at a commercial building (shop, restaurant etc.), delay in fixing it will only exacerbate the problem. There are some minor plumbing troubles that one can fix using a simple wrench but for the most part, plumbing should be left to the professionals.

If you live in New York, then at such a time, you can call Alex Figliolia Water and Sewer Company. They have been providing plumbing solutions to the residents of New York for decades. It is a family run business that has been passed down from generation to generation with its values intact.

They provide excellent customer service that has earned them numerous positive reviews on Yelp. From the moment you place your call to tell them your problem you will receive priority treatment. An experienced plumber will be assigned to you who will then be dispatched to your location to assess the situation and determine the required solution.

The problem, once assessed, will be explained to you as well as the solution that needs to be implemented. Once you decide to go ahead the plumber will get to work. Alex Figliolia turnaround times are great so you can expect your problem to be fixed as soon as possible.

The professionals over at Alex Figliolia Water and Sewer, take great care not to cause any collateral damage while fixing the problems, even though often times a fair amount of digging is required to get to the root of the problem. These are experienced guys who can be trusted to deliver the results they promise.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Why you must hire experts for the repair of illegal sewer lines?

An illegal sewer line is a common problem in many areas. Even in big cities like NY, this is one of the popular and a common issue being faced by the people. Moreover, it causes a number of problems such as foul smell in the area, unhygienic environment, contamination of water supply, increased health risks, and also wastage of money. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult a professional plumber.

Alex Figliolia is a well-known company in New York that specializes in solving all the sewer related problems. Since 1932, the company is known for providing quality services and because of this today, the company has long list of trustable clients. The company is known for providing all the quality underground works including water mains, sewers and more.

There are a number of benefits of consulting a professional for the repair of illegal sewer lines and few of them are-

  • Save money-As the entire work will be handled by professionals, so it will likely to cost you less. Otherwise, you will end up paying hundreds and thousands for just a small work. However, doing an illegal job may initially cost you less but in long run, you may end up paying a heavy amount.  Therefore, it is always advisable to hire a professional of this field.
  • Legal work- If you do not want to waste your hard earned money make sure to hire an experienced plumber as they always do a legal work. The professionals always make sure to abide by all the rules and regulations so that you do not face any legal problem in the future.

Therefore, whenever you want underground repair work, make sure to always look for professional help for quality work.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

What components are used during the installation of fire sprinkler system?

While installing sprinkler system, experts need to be ready with all the major components. Listed below are a few of the sprinkler system components used by professionals during the installation process-

  • Flange Spigot

This underwater supply pipe supplies water to the pipes, when sprinkler alarm is ringed.

  • Sprinkler Riser

Vertical supply pipe is connected between underground piping and feed main. The riser helps in supplying water to the entire sprinkler-piping network.

  • Cross Main

It is installed parallel to the building roof structure. Cross main connects feed main and riser nipple to the other system of the network.

  • Feed Main

A transfer main pipe supplied by the riser or cross main. It supplies water to the other parts of the network.

  • Riser Nipple

A vertical pipe that is connected from the cross main.

  • Branch Line

These are horizontal piping attached with the riser nipple. Sprinkler heads are installed on the branch line.

  • Upright Sprinkler

Sprinklers have heat detector. These are set at 68 0C. When heat reaches at 68 0C temperature, sprinkler get activate and discharge water. The upright sprinkler head is installed on the ceiling on the sprinkler piping.

  • Pendant Sprinkler

Pendant sprinkler is installed in the downward direction, towards the floor. It is installed directly on the sprinkler branch line or from a drop nipple.

  • Water Flow Alarm Device

It is located at the initial supply of the system. The alarm gets activated when enough water supply has reached into the system.

  • Inspectors Test Valve

The inspector test valve is used to check the working of the water flow alarm device.

For the installation of fire sprinkler system, professionals are needed like Alex Figliolia.  It is a reliable name for the installation of fire sprinkler main system in New York. This firm has been installing fire sprinkler mains in a wide variety of buildings and spaces for more than 80 years.

Monday, 7 December 2015

What are the main advantages of having Fire Sprinkler Systems?

Fires can be very unpredictable and can break out at any time without warning signals. Fire incidents can leave a massive impact on your life, as they can result in the loss of both valuable property and lives. Therefore, right firefighting equipment should be used to avoid the terrible consequences whether it is a residential or commercial property. There are a number of firefighting equipment available and fire sprinklers are considered one of the reliable ones.

Alex Figliolia Water and Sewer, LLC. is one of the most dependable firms in New York that you can count for the professional installation of fire sprinkler systems. The company has more than 80 years of experience in installing such equipment. They have earned a special reputation for doing it right the first time. The firm provides its installation services for both commercial and residential properties. The firm also has the ability to design a custom fire sprinkler system based on the specific requirements of its clients.

Following are the main advantages of having fire sprinkler systems-

  • These systems play a vital role in fire emergencies, as they control fire in its early stages. Thus, it can prove extremely important when it comes to protecting lives and property.
  • These systems have the ability to prevent many fire incidents because of the timely extinguish that they can provide. They can be the difference between a small fire incident and a big tragedy.
  • Having fire sprinkler systems can also help reduce the extent of damage because they stop fire from spreading until help from fire department arrives.

Therefore, if you have still not installed a reliable firefighting equipment such as fire sprinkler in your property, you should get it all organized with the help of an expert like Alex Figliolia.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Why fire protection services are important for home safety?

When it comes to saving your home from fire, it is very important to have adequate fire protection servicing. No one would want to let a fire ruin their home and their life.

 So, it is very important to look for a company that deals with all your Fire Sprinkler Mains needs so that you can get the peace of mind that you deserve. In addition, to look for the one to whom you can rely upon for getting services.
There are a number of companies and to judge the best one can be a challenging task for some, as you need to acquire some knowledge about the services that the company should provide.

Following are some of the ways to find such a company-

The first thing that you need to look for is that the company professionals should be able to provide services related from moving to relocating a fire hydrant.
Secondly, they should have expertise in designing your sprinkler system in order to ensure maximum safety is granted from fire protection services.

They should be able to ensure you that the system they have installed is risk free so that you don’t have to face troubles in the future.

Finally the quality of the system is what matters the most, so make sure the professionals are able to provide quality servicing.

For that matter, one company that owns such qualities is Alex Figliolia Water & Sewer. The company has been into this profession for eight decades. The company has appointed professionals who install fire sprinkler mains at many places effectively. These places include warehouses, office buildings, garages, retail stores and many other places. They ensure that the system will work at the time it is required. Therefore, if you are planning to hire such professionals go and contact them without any hitch, as adequacy is very important when it comes to fire protection system.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Global Children Foundation

Around the world, people and children are suffering without food, shelter and many other amenities. The Global Children Foundation is a splendid organization helping out those children around the world in need. The GCF sets up grants, charities and relief organizations that work with some of the poorest children around the world. The main message that GCF sends out is to offer food, housing, and education for children in desperate need. Secondly, GCF aims to eliminate global starvation for the well being of children globally. These
innocent children are victims of hardships, diseases, wars and natural disasters, and are not guaranteed a meal everyday. A statistic from UNICEF has claimed that half the death rate of children under five years old is affected by poor nourishment. GCF’s current efforts are targeting those children in underprivileged countries. Global Children Foundation has helped feed children in countries such as South Korea, Sudan, Vietnam, East Timor, Turkey, Ukraine, Sri Lanka and Iraq, just to name a few. Every dollar received from donations is sent over to children in underprivileged countries. Everyone has the opportunity to donate to starving children. Doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be money, donating time by volunteering or attending fundraising events, is just as good. We advise that everyone does whatever he or she can to help out children around the world. Join today!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Finding the Bike that’s Right for you

Choosing the right motorcycle for you can be a little intimidating and exciting at the same time. Knowing what you will be using the bike for and where are just some of the questions you should ask yourself. First, find out what your riding experience is, beginner, intermediate or experienced. This is first and foremost the most important question. You want a bike that fits your needs and you feel comfortable in. Secondly, know what type of riding you will do. Will you driving cross-country, driving locally or driving fast. Next, you want to know the type of roads you will be driving on, the streets, open road, highways, off roads, etc. Every bike is built to perform in certain conditions. Your physical size is a huge factor on selecting your perfect bike. Some bikes may be too tall for your feet, so make sure to pick a bike that is comfortable from head to toe. Now that we got the basics done, here are the major types of bikes, cruisers, sports bike, touring, standard/naked, and dual purpose. The standard/naked bike is a bike that puts the rider in a straight upright position and is ideally for city street riding. This bike is perfect for daily commuters driving to and off from work. If you’re looking fro a more relaxed ride, then the cruiser is the bike for you. Built for long rides and touring, the most noticeable cruiser on there is Harley Davidsons. Just like the cruiser, the touring bike is comfortable for long distances. Their large engines allow for plenty of miles without stopping too often. With touring bikes being pretty heavy, it allows riders to easily transport belongings without discomfort in riding. The sport bike, amongst the most popular of them all, is basically a racing bike. The driver is placed in leaning position and is built for speed and flexibility. Be careful, these bikes are meant for experience riders only. Lastly, there is the dual-purpose bike. This bike is probably the most adaptable. Dual Purpose bikes can manage any terrain, dirt to open road. So make sure to spend the time searching for your new bike, and make sure it fits you, the rider.

Alex Figliolia is an avid and a biking enthusiast. He runs a plumbing company in Brooklyn, New York. 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Is it essential to hire professionals for sewage disconnection services?

If you are planning to build your dream home or a commercial place, then you would require help from professionals who will disconnect all water services before starting new building work. One cannot start with the construction job unless the older connections are disconnected. So when you hire sewage professionals, they will make sure that work related to sewage is done properly. So, when choosing a professional company for your sewage services, make sure that they have good experience in their work so that they can do their job effortlessly without any chances of committing mistakes.

Following are the reason of hiring a professional company for performing this job-
  • sewage professionals The first reason why you should hire these professionals is if you want disconnection of lines to be done properly. The professionals make sure that no line remains connected before start of the demolition and construction process.
  • The other reason why one should hire these professionals is that these experts help in getting faster NYC DEP sign-offs. This will allow you to start the work within the 24 hours of obtaining NYC DEP permits. This can be beneficial for all but especially for those who want to complete the construction work in a given timeline.
  • One of the reasons for hiring such a company is that the professionals perform the work efficiently without affecting the surrounding areas. They also help you in saving your precious time and money.
Whenever you are planning to hire professionals for this kind of work, it is always advisable to choose a reputed company that has employed professionals who have been working in this field for years. These factors are important to consider if you want to get the best facilities and customer service. However, one company that offers such services is Alex Figliolia. This is one of the best excavation companies in New York.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

How to Choose the Right Plumber

Hiring the right type of plumber can be a tedious job, but finding that right plumber can save tons of money down the road. Sometimes fixing it yourself can work but if you don’t know what you are doing, that simple repair can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs. In the end, it’s a no brainer hiring a professional licensed plumber to take care of all your needs.

There are different types of plumbers for certain jobs. The two kinds of plumbers include basic repairs (mostly household concerns) and plumbers who concentrate in remodeling projects. The process of plumbing is not very difficult but in some cases requires a lot of knowledge, especially when dealing with different types tools and materials. Always make sure to ask your plumber for a proof of license.
Many states require plumbers to be licensed, where you can make sure there are no ongoing complaints with the plumber. One of the best ways to find the best plumber around in your area is to ask around, ask neighbors, contractors, and real estate agents. Since there are so many plumbers, asking around is the most reliable way. Once you have a valued plumber, make sure to keep all their contact info handy for future purposes.

The pricing for plumber ranges from job to job. Even if they only work for a shot period of time, the price of the bill may shock you. Beside their service, you are paying for their time driving and time to pick up the designated parts.  For services such as drain cleaning can rack up a $70-120 per hourly rate. For basic plumbing services, hourly rates start at $45-65 in addition to the parts needed. The remodeling plumber works mainly in residential systems. The best source for a remodeling plumber is a contractor. A contractor can take a look at the plumbers work and understands quality work that you might miss out on. The price for remodeling plumbers ranges from about $50-70 as an hourly rate. So whatever your plumbing needs, make sure to hire the best qualified plumber for the job.

Alex Figlolia has been one of the leaders of the plumbing industry in New York. He runs a Water and Sewer management company in Brooklyn.

Monday, 9 November 2015

The Best Plumbers in Staten Island

If you’re looking for a plumber in Staten Island, look no further; Staten island is home to great plumbing services. RR Plumbing Roto-Rooter has all the plumbing skills from homes to businesses and services all of Staten Island. Their licensed plumbers can take care of residential, commercial and emergency plumbing of all difficulties. With affordable pricing and 24/7 customer service, no waiting is will be necessary. They also provide money saving coupons and financing options for new customers.  SI Plumbing, a family owned operated plumbing
company covers all your needs including plumbing repair services, air conditioning/heating repair services, sewer & drain cleaning services and emergencies. Staten Island Plumbing knows that emergencies can happen at any time, day or night. With all of their experience, a lot of their business is based on repeat customers and by reliable word of mouth. Father and son plumbing business, P.A.C. Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning are highly skilled plumbers dedicated to homeowners and businesses throughout Staten Island. P.A.C.’s mission is to provide their customers with the most reliable and professional residential and commercial services. P.A.C.’s plumbing services include appliance installation, leaky faucet repair, gas dryer installation, sewer cleaning, boiler replacements and much more. Check out these great plumbing services next time you’re looking for a plumber.

Alex Figliolia is a veteran of the plumbing sector and has been serving the plumbing needs of Brooklyn residents for many years. He always endeavors to provide useful information to anyone seeking the services of a plumber.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Top Plumbing Tools You Must Have in Your House

Becoming your plumber in today’s society is becoming very popular amongst citizens. Whenever you have a leak or a clog, everybody’s first option is to call a plumber. But what if you can do it yourself without calling a professional. Plumbing problems will arise always, whether it’s a clogged sink or a leaky faucet, they can easily be fixed with some easy tips and tools. Most of the tools needed to fix plumbing problems are very cheap or can eve be found in your home. Instead of using a propane torch, spend the extra money on self-igniting torch, which is more fitting than using matches or a lighter. If you have to cut

through pipes, use a hacksaw to cut through screws, pipes and hardware. A basin wrench is an essential tool for plumbing. This tool’s long tube can reach behind the sink and hard to see spaces. This is the only tool of its kind to reach behind tough spaces. An adjustable wrench is used for compression fittings and other parts that have hex shaped nuts. This tool is cheap and versatile in all plumbing needs. A plunger, which should be in every household, is the most important tool for a home grown plumber.  A fire resistant cloth is important especially when dealing with propane torches. They are used to protect flammable surfaces in case a fire should occur, and don’t forget a fire extinguisher for safety purposes.  You must check and see if the plumbing issue is fixable by buying some tools at the hardware store.  However, if you are unable to find a problem or repair it yourself, then you should call a professional plumber to avoid any damage or further complication.

Alex Figliolia Water & Sewer, LLC. is a family owned and operated subsurface excavation company. This company is managed under the leadership of Alex Figliolia and Alex Figliolia  and has been serving the water main and sewer needs of clients in New York for more than 80 years. This company is licensed, bonded and insured. Company provides services for clients in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Exotic Locations Where You Can Catch Rare Fishes

Ever wonder where most rare fishes in the world are located. Some locations are in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. If you’re an adventurer and are seeking some exotic places to catch rare fish, then this is for you. Starting off in the Congo River Basin in Africa, Goliath Tigerfish is the rare fish of this location. The Tigerfish is a resident all throughout the African continent, specifically Goliath is found in the Congo River. They are a very popular fish mainly because of their strength to fight of predators, and can be up to five feet in length. The Goliath Tigerfish is strictly known for having horrid attitudes in the water. Tigerfishes not only attack other predators but also humans as well, so tread lightly around these vicious predators. Next stop is the Indo-Pacific
Ocean, Northern Australia, where Freshwater Sawfish reside. These monstrous fish reach nearly 400 pounds and up to 20 feet in length. They also have a snout, which is a row of teeth, which can grow up to a few feet long. Since these species are endangered, you have to consult with local laws when fishing for them. Freshwater Sawfish mainly stay in the ocean waters but can sometimes be spotted up by rivers. On to Rio de la Plata Basin, South America, where Golden Dorado is the fish of choice. Surprisingly, the Golden Dorado is considered its own species. If you’re lucky enough to catch a Dorado, you’re in luck. They are one of the tastiest fishes in the world and weigh anywhere from 5-60 pounds. But be aware that the Golden Dorado is limited in its availability around the waters. In the United States, specifically in Mahoning Creek, Pennsylvania, Palomino Trout is the rarity specie. The palomino trout is a very rare rainbow trout with a golden color. They mostly reside in eastern United States, but particularly, Mahoning Creek. These trout’s weigh up 14 pounds and are very rare, so don’t expect it to be easy to fish for them. One of the best freshwater fish in the world is Papuan Black Bass found in Papa New Guinea. Some may think Papa New Guinea is not a top fishing but contrary to belief, it is. The Papuan Black Mass is one of the hardest species to catch even if you’re an advanced fisher due to the massive strength of the fish. Next time, you’re looking for a top-notch fishing adventure; check out these locations for some of the rarest species in the world.

Alex Figlolia  is a fishing enthusiast who has travelled extensively to indulge his passion for fishing. Alex runs a successful plumbing agency in Brooklyn New York.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Why fire sprinkler systems are a must in every house?

Every building whether it is a commercial, or a residential requires appropriate protection from fire. In this case, the fire sprinkler system acts as a perfect option to be installed in every house and office. The sprinklers can easily suppress any kind of flame before it becomes uncontrollable.

However, for the installation of the sprinkler systems it is always advisable to consult a professional. The professionals will ensure you that every system or equipment is installed properly and is in appropriate working condition.

Alex Figliolia Water & Sewer, LLC is a popular excavation firm in New York that is known for its quality underground work. George Figliolia founded this company in 1932.  The company has long list of clients and it specializes in variety of underground work including sewers, fire protection services, water mains and many more.

Moreover, an expert will be able to provide you quality service therefore, you must consult a professional sprinkler installation service provider. Apart from quality service, the below mentioned are few reasons that highlight the importance of hiring an expert-

  • To ensure safety- The experts have the right knowledge about the systems so they help in designing the systems according to the requirements of the building to ensure proper safety and protection from fire.
  • To provide the right system design according to the requirement- Every house or building requires some specific type of sprinkler system according to the requirement. You can even get custom designed systems to ensure safety in case of an emergency.
  • For other work- These experts also help with other safety work such as, moving a fire hydrant or reallocating it.  You can rely and trust these experts for any kind of safety related work.

Monday, 26 October 2015

How to choose the best professionals for manholes installation?

Manhole installation is a necessity for buildings. It should be properly designed and installed to avoid any further safety issue in building. If not installed properly, it can lead to problems like collapsed manholes, flood issues and more.

This is the reason why manhole related work should be done professionally by experienced experts such as Alex Figliolia. But, how do you know if you are making the right choice? How can you choose the best professionals to complete the manhole related work for your house?
You can make the right decision by considering following aspects –

Years of experience in business – You must choose professionals who have been working in this business at least for several years. Experience ensures that they know their job, relevant risks, complications etc. Experience brings knowledge regarding manhole design, inner mechanisms of sub surface plumbing and more.

Completion of all paper work – It is essential to choose a firm that completes all the paper work before starting installation. It includes all permits according to law. It ensures that the manhole related job you are getting done for your house, is permissible and according to law.

Well-known in region – It is advised to hire a firm that is well-known in region for their work. A company earns a good reputation only if they work according to laws and with expertise. A reputed firm also has trained and skilled plumbers for this job. So, choose a recognized company.

Alex Figliolia is a reliable name for any type of manhole related work in New York. For more than 80 years, this firm has been providing top notch water main & sewer related services in region. It is a subsurface excavation company that provides various services related to fire sprinkler mains, sewer repair, sewer installation & replacement, catch basins, trench drain installation and more.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Are Fire Sprinkler Systems A Real Need For Your Home or Commercial Place?

Well if you want to know whether you require fire sprinkler systems at home or any commercial place, then the answer would definitely be yes. Fire sprinkler systems are the real need for any place.

One can’t assure the arrival of fire occurrence, therefore, it becomes quite essential to get it installed at the place. Moreover, nowadays one may find increasing numbers of fire accidents happening so one needs to protect.

However, if you are planning to get them install then go ahead and bring without giving a second thought, as this is an ideal option. These systems have the capability to respond very effectively and quickly to fire if occur.

Following are the features that fire sprinkler systems holds-

  • The most important feature of these systems is that they can easily gauze the temperature if there is any difference in the temperature that is if it may rise then it will automatically start doing its work. However, it is note that in case of smoke or candle flame, the system will not work.
  • The other benefit of these systems is that it minimizes the cause of damage and make sure that the fire doesn’t spread.
  • Other features include are-
  • easy to use
  • affordable
  • Reliable

in order to avail all such benefits it is quiet important to get it installed at any important place such as home, business place, offices and many other places.
However, it is important to buy the system from a reputed place such as Alex Figliolia Water & Sewer, LLC. This is one of the best companies that offers best services and handle all the fire sprinkler requirements such as relocating, designing the system and much more.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Why You Need Professional Sewer Repair Services?

Every residential and commercial property faces some kind of sewage problems as a result it becomes very important to take help of a professional sewer repair services. The sewage problems can be due to number of problems such as waste food, grease, hair and other foreign objects. In this case, a professional sewer repair services can be very helpful.

Alex Figliolia Water & Sewer is the most reliable and famous water main and sewer repair experts in the New York. They provide quality services to their clients. The company works for 24 hours and 7 days a week. In addition, the firm has over 80 years of experience.
The top indications that you need a help of a professional sewer repair service includes-
  • Slow drainage- Slow drainage is one of the common problems at every commercial or residential place. At first, this might be a small problem for you, but if not dealt with it, it might become a bigger and a serious issue. The slow drains can be due to variety of reasons, for example presence of unwanted or foreign material. Therefore, you must consult a professional soon after you experience this problem.
  • Foul odor- Persistent foul smell from the drain can be a sign of a major drainage problem, therefore, you definitely need a professional by your side. The foul smell can be a reason of different pollutants that may have built up in your drain or it can be due to broken sewer pipes.
  • Multiple clogged drain- At times, more than one sink, toilet, or tub becomes clogged and you cannot reach the main reason behind the clog. Therefore, in this case, a professional sewage cleaner may be required to eliminate the clog by reaching every possibility behind the issue.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Why Your House Requires Adequate Fire Protection Services?

Every house as well as commercial building requires appropriate fire protection. This is why sprinklers are installed in buildings, so that they can suppress any kind of flame before it goes out of hand. But, how can you get sprinklers installed in your building? Is the system you are buying adequate for your home or workplace?

Therefore, you need professional help to ensure that every equipment or system is appropriate and in working condition. But, why hire specialists? Here are the benefits as well as reasons of hiring experts

For custom and expertly designed sprinkler system – Every house or workplace is different that requires custom designed sprinkler system to ensure people’s safety in fire emergencies. Only professionals like Alex Figliolia Water & Sewer, LLC., can skillfully design your sprinkler system to suit your building’s requirements

To ensure fire safety in your building – These experts can ensure the fire safety of your workplace or house. They design and install sprinklers in building so that it can easily suppress flames when needed. With this, they make sure of flame prevention.

For other safety related work – You can hire these professionals for other fire safety related work too. It includes moving or relocating a fire hydrant and more. You can rely on experts to complete these jobs skillfully without causing any damage.

Above mentioned aspects it clear that you must hire recognized experts to make certain of the fire safety of your workplace or home.

Located in New York, Alex Figliolia is a recognized firm well-known for quality underground work. It is a subsurface excavation company that is trusted by a long list of clients in New York. Since 1932, this company has been serving clients in region. Company specializes in all types of underground work regarding water mains, sewers and more. Firm also provides comprehensive fire protection services.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Few Important Things That You Should Know About Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinkler is one of the best fire prevention tools, as it protects you from the perils of fire. These systems are effective in controlling fire before it becomes big and destructive. However, few important things that you should know about these devices are given below-

  • Sprinkler systems provide high level of safety, as they are designed to protect property loses and reduce risks of injuries and loss of life.
  • Fire sprinklers start working the moment heat in room arises to a certain level that could be within seconds. Thus, it controls the fire effectively before it has a chance to spread.
  • It is equally important for you to know that these device need maintenance as well. Therefore, you need to ensure their timely inspections and maintenance. 
Alex Figliolia Water & Sewer is a reliable name of the industry that you can count on for professional installation of the fire sprinklers. The firm provides installation of these sprinkler systems for condos, office building, retail stores, restaurants, warehouses, etc. You can also rely on the firm to get a fire sprinkler system designed with a size to suit your certain needs.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

How To Choose The Best Sewer Plumbing Company in Your Region?

Sewer system is an essential part of any building whether commercial or residential. One trouble in sewer line can disturb your regular routine. This is the reason why it should be repaired as soon as possible. But, how can you choose the best plumbing company for this job?

Here are the major aspects that you must consider while choosing a sewer firm –

Types of services – This is the major aspect that you should consider while making a selection. Select a firm that provides various types of services including old sewer repair, upgrades, camera inspection, pipe repair, and more. It ensures that you get inclusive services and desired results.

Years of experience – It is another aspect to consider. Choose a company that has been in this business for several years.

License and insurance – Select a firm that is licensed as well as an insured provider of plumbing services.

Availability – It is another aspect that you must consider while hiring a company for sewer repair. Make sure to hire professionals that provide services 24 hours, so that you can get their help in any water main related emergencies.

Alex Figliolia is a renowned water main repair and sewer plumbing company in New York City. For more than 80 years, this company has been providing top quality plumbing services to clients. It is a licensed, bonded and insured firm that provides various types of plumbing services.