Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Global Children Foundation

Around the world, people and children are suffering without food, shelter and many other amenities. The Global Children Foundation is a splendid organization helping out those children around the world in need. The GCF sets up grants, charities and relief organizations that work with some of the poorest children around the world. The main message that GCF sends out is to offer food, housing, and education for children in desperate need. Secondly, GCF aims to eliminate global starvation for the well being of children globally. These
innocent children are victims of hardships, diseases, wars and natural disasters, and are not guaranteed a meal everyday. A statistic from UNICEF has claimed that half the death rate of children under five years old is affected by poor nourishment. GCF’s current efforts are targeting those children in underprivileged countries. Global Children Foundation has helped feed children in countries such as South Korea, Sudan, Vietnam, East Timor, Turkey, Ukraine, Sri Lanka and Iraq, just to name a few. Every dollar received from donations is sent over to children in underprivileged countries. Everyone has the opportunity to donate to starving children. Doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be money, donating time by volunteering or attending fundraising events, is just as good. We advise that everyone does whatever he or she can to help out children around the world. Join today!

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