Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Finding the Bike that’s Right for you

Choosing the right motorcycle for you can be a little intimidating and exciting at the same time. Knowing what you will be using the bike for and where are just some of the questions you should ask yourself. First, find out what your riding experience is, beginner, intermediate or experienced. This is first and foremost the most important question. You want a bike that fits your needs and you feel comfortable in. Secondly, know what type of riding you will do. Will you driving cross-country, driving locally or driving fast. Next, you want to know the type of roads you will be driving on, the streets, open road, highways, off roads, etc. Every bike is built to perform in certain conditions. Your physical size is a huge factor on selecting your perfect bike. Some bikes may be too tall for your feet, so make sure to pick a bike that is comfortable from head to toe. Now that we got the basics done, here are the major types of bikes, cruisers, sports bike, touring, standard/naked, and dual purpose. The standard/naked bike is a bike that puts the rider in a straight upright position and is ideally for city street riding. This bike is perfect for daily commuters driving to and off from work. If you’re looking fro a more relaxed ride, then the cruiser is the bike for you. Built for long rides and touring, the most noticeable cruiser on there is Harley Davidsons. Just like the cruiser, the touring bike is comfortable for long distances. Their large engines allow for plenty of miles without stopping too often. With touring bikes being pretty heavy, it allows riders to easily transport belongings without discomfort in riding. The sport bike, amongst the most popular of them all, is basically a racing bike. The driver is placed in leaning position and is built for speed and flexibility. Be careful, these bikes are meant for experience riders only. Lastly, there is the dual-purpose bike. This bike is probably the most adaptable. Dual Purpose bikes can manage any terrain, dirt to open road. So make sure to spend the time searching for your new bike, and make sure it fits you, the rider.

Alex Figliolia is an avid and a biking enthusiast. He runs a plumbing company in Brooklyn, New York. 

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